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About Us


With over 30 years’ experience in real estate development, JB Contractors, Inc. provides excellence and professionalism in each job performed. Over the years JB Contractors, Inc.’s goal has been to provide quality service and product to our customers. Primarily we have designed and built projects based upon current market requirements. JB Contractors, Inc. has been able capitalize on our ability to turn a vacant piece of land into something that both enhances the community and provides increased experience and revenue for JB Contractors, Inc. With multiple awards in JB Contractors, Inc.’s portfolio, including Build of the Year Award, we take pride in our work as well as our community. Owning and managing multiple residential and commercial properties, JB Contractors, Inc. brings a full-circle side to real estate – from vacant land, to construction, to leasing and managing final project. JB Contractors, Inc. – Building Our Future Today.

-John Begin, President
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